Business Hall of Fame

The Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame was established in 1994 to honor free enterprise champions and present role models in business to youth. Earlier this week, we celebrated the 2018 Laureate, Alan Levine. He is the chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Ballad Health, the most extensive hospital and health system in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

I wore navy crepe separates with a silver and white jacket.

Mr. Mickey wore a suit and shirt, which were custom made for him. He consistently shows me how smart it is to invest in high-quality classic pieces that make you look sharp each time you wear them.

Alan Levine, the honoree, is pictured on the left with our dear friend Major General Gary L. Harrell, retired United States Army.

Marcy Walker is an attorney with Hunter, Smith & Davis LLP.

With my sweet friend Nita Summers, whom you have seen many times here on this blog.

My look included a special occasion jacket by IC Collection in silver and white over the navy blue crepe basic items. The navy suede shoes are by 9WLoveInStyle from a few years ago. The silver clutch bag relates to the jacket. I found it at T.J.Maxx a few years ago. The jacket was purchased from My Fair Lady last year.

I hope you have a splendid adventure this weekend!

  1. I always love dressing with a column of color under a jacket, Susan. This really looks spectacular on you!
    Of course as a shoeaholic, I adore those shoes too!! I always feel that the ones with these kinds of straps makes it easier to walk in and wear for extended periods of time.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Susan – you look better each year – your personal elegance and kindness shine in your face, your healthy slim body, and your great style. I’m motivated – thanks!

  3. I think the Navy column works well in this venue, especially since most seem to be in some version of black and white. The navy really makes you stand out in a subtle way.

  4. Looks like a wonderful event….and you and Mr. Mickey look fabulous!!!! Have a great weekend.

  5. Love, love, love the navy pants and top with the jacket. And those shoes are just awesome! You look so elegant and beautiful! I love your hair in this latest style. Mine is similar but a little shorter and slightly stacked in the back. Mr. Mickey looks so dapper too! Have a blessed weekend and thanks for sharing your life and tips about dressing with all of us!

  6. Absolutely love your outfit, Susan — that jacket is just gorgeous, so simple & elegant, especially with the solid colour outfit under it. And how well it underlines your earlier article on accessorizing properly: the shoes & clutch couldn’t be more perfect to tie the two-colour scheme together flawlessly.

    And speaking of elegant: Mr. Mickey is the picture of the word. About 10 years ago I finally managed to convince my partner of the wisdom of paying for a bespoke suit. He’s very tall & broad-shouldered & has worked out all of his life, the result being that his arms & chest are solid while the rest of him is still slim & anything off the rack just doesn’t do the man any favours. A well-tailored suit & shirt ( which are the bane of his life as they never fit him well) make all the difference between his looking like a hitman in a bad suit & looking like a million bucks (I exaggerate, but only just). In fact, he’s become quite the clothes’ horse as a result 🙂 Perhaps you can convince Mr. Mickey to do a series on fashion for the mature gentleman . . . ?

  7. Susan,

    My husband served with Gary Harrell at Fort Bragg and he had lost his email. Would you be able to pass Mike’s on to him?

    Thank you so much!

      1. Ms. Susan,
        My husband was thrilled to have an email from Gary Harrell this weekend. Thank you so very much. I so enjoy your blog!


  8. I know this blog is not supposed to be for “opinions” but I can’t help commenting how very feminine and lovely your new hairstyle is. These colors go so well with your natural coloring! Much of your wisdom you have shared with us is summed up in this particular outfit.

  9. Hi Susan,

    After paying closer attention to your writings I see that you are a Southern Belle.

    Now I understand where you get your charming ways. I have two gentlemen friends from Atlanta who always address me as Miss Katie. I love it!

    Katie thomas

  10. I’m telling you… look so much younger with your hair shorter and the style!! Love it! You are so minimalistic but oh so stylish !! I wish I could downsize my closet. Ugh

    All the best and look forward to your blog every day,

  11. Gorgeous ensemble,that is a beautiful shade of navy, I feel it’s softer than black. Your silver jacket compliments the navy column dressing.
    I love your hair that length and style, very chic and you look so pretty, Mr Mickey looks rather dapper too.
    I enjoy your blog and your adventures with Mr Mickey around and about Tennessee.
    Love Pamela from Wales U.K. x

  12. You look awesome! I love the Navy and Silver/White! And I love you hair also. You just keep getting better!!
    Wish I could find the “care”.

  13. I always felt if the men were wearing suits and ties, then I should wear a nice dress. Thanks for showing us a good alternative.

  14. What a wonderful event, reason to celebrate, and to honor people. You look fantastic. Please pass on to Mr Mickey that his bespoke suit is perfection. My husband now will be hearing from me about getting at least a new one!

  15. I will be wearing my navy separates (from your site!) and that very jacket this weekend for going out to dinner on a trip to LA 🙂 Thanks to Zappos, I found some lower-heeled navy sandals just this week, and thank you for the bag idea! I was angsting over not having a smallish navy bag (I have been religiously trying to streamline and downsize) — but silly me, I have a fabulous silver one from that’s been added to my suitcase! Thanks for the ideas and the preview!

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