Birthplace of Country Music

Nearby, Bristol’s role in country music is showcased through the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion music festival, and various community and educational outreach programs. Bristol is located on the state line between Tennessee and Virginia. The boundary between the two cities is also the state line, which runs along State Street in their common downtown district.

Next door to the museum is The Bristol Hotel, pictured behind me in the photo above. It was rated as the #10 hotel in the U.S. by Travel and Leisure magazine in 2020. It features a few areas in which to indulge. Start with handcrafted cocktails at Lumac Rooftop Bar before transitioning to a street-side table at Vivian’s Table. End your evening at Lumac with live music and libations under the stars.

Cumberland Square Park, located across the street, features memorials and public art.

Bristol’s Art In Public Places includes the interactive sculpture, ‘Take The Stage.’ It is a celebration of Bristol’s musical heritage.

The scarf pulls the look together, provides a soft break between my face and the black items, and keeps me warm. My bag is here. The jeans are here. Other items are more than a year old. Similar current items are linked: JacketSweaterScarfBootsSunglasses.

Bootcut jeans should be hemmed so that the back is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the ground. As a general guideline, the wider the leg, the longer the pants should be.

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  1. You look beautiful. Really like the outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos of Bristol. Always look forward to your posts. Thanks so much.

  2. You and Mr. Mickey should be paid representatives for your region. You display it so well with your pictures. I can’t wait to explore “your neck of the woods”!

  3. Can you show me how you tied your scarf, so that the end stays over and behind your shoulder? Do you use something to clip it in place? Thanks, Robin

    1. I folded a 51″ square scarf on the bias and draped it around my neck with one end in front and the other wrapped around to the back. It moves with me, and I adjust it as needed. I don’t use clips or pins, but you might use a magnet if you like. I found out about magnets here.

  4. Another beautiful travelogue and another stunning outfit. Thanks so much. I used to wear boot cut jeans but 5′ 4 1/2″ did6know if I’m too short now. I used to be 5’6″. I so admire your spirit, your love of all life and your dedication to helping us all be comfortable with who we are. You also inspires me and my Mr. to see what our neck of the woods has to offer safely. Thanks again, Susan, and Mr. Mickey.

  5. Love these travelogues! You’ve inspired us to explore our area, just as soon as we’re fully recovered from Covid.
    Do you feel that having Covid changed anything for you, as far as your future plans or your appreciation of things or people in your life? I’m finding myself reflecting more upon such things as I recover.
    Thank you for your beautiful blog!

  6. Hi Susan I want to thank you for recommending the over 60 Pilates instructor on utube. I have been stretching with her every morning. It’s exactly what I needed.

  7. Thank you continuing to take us along on your adventures. One of the many losses of 2020 has been travel so your drives have been fun and informative. I have been receiving your weekly blogs for about 2 years now and enjoy each and every post. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to keep us informed.

  8. Great info, travel and beauty. If you can, I need an update on what sunglasses are in style now before I buy anything new

  9. Great info, travel and beauty. If you can, I need an update on what sunglasses are in style now before I buy anything new.
    ( A few minutes each day is spent planning my next solo vacation) How do you plan your vacations? My sister and I want to travel to N Carolina and S Carolina. Any tips? Thank you!

  10. When you wear jeans, you still look so classy and elegant! I need to step up my denim game by looking for dark-colored jeans with a better fit than the ones I have now. Are there occasions when you wear light-colored denim, though?

  11. Thanks for the wonderful travel information. Added to my list of places to go!
    Touring our state has been a lifesaver for us during the quarantine. Even though we’ve been here for 16 years we have found so many new and interesting spots.

  12. Love your blog on Bristol. What an interesting area. You seem to have so many great places to visit where you live.
    Thank you for sharing your adventures. I absolutely love traveling with you and finding out about new places.
    I like the black jacket you have on. Happy travels…

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