April Showers

For those of us who are solar-powered, cold April showers are a painful reminder that summer is still a few months away.

We ventured out only to have dinner on Saturday. The temperatures dipped into the low forties, so I returned to my warm long sleeve white Covered Perfectly top and my heaviest weight slacks from Chico’s. The gray jacket is from White House Black Market here. The Nine West bag is from last season. Similar bag here. The J. Renee slingback tweed pumps are a couple of years old. Similar here.

The topcoat is a couple of years old. Similar here.

Many of you have asked for more layering tips. Keep the colors and tones of your look under three. Start with slim-fitting, thin first layers and build from there. If your top is too long, tuck it in, then pull it back out enough to drape at the waistline softly.

Thank goodness it is always warm and cozy inside Gourmet & Company Restaurant.

Fresh from the oven bread always lifts Mr. Mickey’s spirits, but he passes on all but the best now. I am impressed with his discipline! He has lost ten pounds in the past few weeks.

Smoked trout deviled eggs are another all time favorite.

Even the side salads are so large we often ask to split one between us.

We each ordered the (most excellent!) Lobster Salad from the appetizers on the new spring menu. Ordering a salad and an appetizer as the main course is one way to enjoy an evening out without coming away feeling stuffed.

Instead of dessert, we enjoyed glasses of Tawny Port in the lounge area while we waited for the rain to subside.

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  1. Hi, enjoy your blog. I wondered if you ever considered making unboxing vifeos? Think you would be great at it and it would fill the void of what is available for ladies our age.

  2. At my age I never thought I would shop at Express, but have ordered a few of your suggestions!! Thank you! Question–I ordered the Statement Eyeshadow Pallete from Beautycounter. The peacock and mulberry colors are beautiful, but wondering when a colored shadow is appropriate to use. My coloring is very similar to yours–grey hair, blue eyes, a “summer” when Color Me Beautiful was popular. Thank you so much for all your help and tips!

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying my suggestions. I use those eyeshadow colors with a very light hand. I almost always use just one color smudged softly on the center of the top lid and then blended very well with a soft brush.

  3. Dear Susan — I have enjoyed your blog as well as improved my look and confidence from following your advice over the past several years. I am disappointed but understand that your shopping site must close due to supplier issues. I want to share with you that I did buy several things from your shopping site and all were wonderful quality. But what I most remember is receiving the packages in the mail and noting how especially carefully and beautifully packaged each item was. I felt your personal touch, care and even your personality as I was opening each package. Thank you for the loving care expressed to each of your readers and shoppers. We noticed!

    Look forward to continued reading of your blog and whatever else you decide to do in the future. Best to you!

  4. Your blog has helped me immensely. Much happiness in the next stage of life. Change is good for the soul. It gives us a new perspective on life.

  5. Hi Susan – I am interested in knowing more details of how Mr. Mickey dropped 10 pounds over the last few weeks! I too need to drop some weight. Here in California, we’ve had so much rain since last November through April (very unusual) and I’ve sat around way too much packing it on. Thanks and so enjoy your blog and advice!

    1. He is has eliminated sugar and carbs such as white potatoes, pasta, rice, and bread. (Except for Saturday date nights.) He also usually doesn’t eat an evening meal.

  6. I am very glad I stacked up on your crepe tops and pants and hope they will last for ever! Thank you for making these available at a reasonable price. All good wishes and many thanks for your sound and interesting blog.

  7. Hi Susan, I’m sorry your shop is closing. I have a couple of items from you and I will treasure them even more now. One is a scarf. Thank you for your wonderful blog. It makes a difference in my life.

  8. Hi Susan,
    I really enjoy your blog. You always look great and your videos are very clear. You’re a natural teacher. I need to pay more attention to your style guides. It’s impressive to see your weight loss from the earlier photos you’ve shared and how gorgeous you are. Bravo to YOU. I get mad at myself for not being able to lose all of the middle-aged weight that I’ve gained! Darn. I need to get on it and lose the weight and develop my potential. I enjoy your helpful blog posts and ideas. You always look fabulous. Be well and be happy.
    Thanks friend,

  9. Dear Susan

    I’m sorry to hear about your jewellery business going due to the supplier decision.
    I do like your lovely necklaces (and some of those spectacular rings aren’t too shabby, either!).

    Can you start up a dedicated weight loss blog???
    I have read a good deal of your material over the years.
    I love seeing your confidence grow.
    Thank you for your advice and knowledge that you pass on.

    All the best, Susan!

    Kind regards


    1. Susan!!! I was having a blonde moment! Please excuse me!
      Of course i read that you were closing the SusanAfter60 shop, not the jewellery business! I am sorry that that one is closing but at least a girl still has her lovely jewellery pieces.
      Thanks for that eating blog link. I must have missed it. I look forward to reading more of your weight-loss hints later. (It was so easy to lose weight when i was younger – not so easy nowadays).

  10. Susan I have a question.. I purchased the French Kande “sandblast howlite Chemin de Fer pendant” and was wondering what you thought would be a good layering piece to wear with it? Or do you wear it alone? Thank you

  11. I really enjoy your blog. I love your ideas but I am an SLP and I work with children with disabilities and I have to wear washable simple clothes. It is very hard to look professional yet be able to run down the hall or sit on the floor. If you have any ideas let me know. I use your looks for when I have to get “cleaned up”, so to speak. Thanks again. Wishing you the best week ever.

  12. Thanks for recently including me in your blog. I love your clothing selection. Your photos give me so many ideas. It looks like we shop at many of the same places. I had no idea you were from East Tennessee . I am from Northern Virginia and my parents were from Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee. Growing up we spent many summers in your area. Your pictures bring back many great memories.

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