Aging Gracefully

Many have asked how my style will change in my seventh decade.


Owning lots of items isn’t appealing to me anymore. For example, I prefer to own three or four excellent quality bags that are the correct size and shape for my body.

Another change in my choices has occurred this year. I find that I am buying more flat shoes and attempting to wear them more often during the day. (I do not find them comfortable yet since I have almost always worn heels.)


Scarves soften my neckline and take the emphasis away from a less defined jawline. They add a punch of color and pattern to my classic neutrals and keep me warm. I have invested in more silk scarves this year than ever before.


Three-quarter sleeve jackets are perfect for the transition seasons. I have blue, black and white ones for this reason. The jacket, tank, and straight leg faded jeans I am wearing are all old from White House|Black Market. The shoes are old by Dolce Vita.


Straight slim leg pants with a jacket will still be my uniform because that silhouette flatters my inverted triangle shape.

The scarf I am wearing here is about five years old. I have worn it countless times. If the weather is too hot for a scarf, you will see me switch to only a necklace. If I am wearing the scarf just draped around my neck or under my jacket’s lapel to give my look pattern and color, I may also wear a necklace. I never tie scarves in a fussy way, and I try to achieve straight lines or a V-neckline with them.


I will continue to be willing to try new things. This year I discovered that I like the slimming effect of a short jacket over a longer top. The learning never stops!

An open mind tempered with wisdom can be an essential attribute. There is indeed an art to aging well.


A wardrobe of great looking sunglasses is necessary for me. I wear them every day.


The last item I agreed to review for the blog arrived this week. I loved it so much I immediately bought the black one and a silk scarf from Uno Alla Volta.

If you don’t know of this company yet, they have the most fantastic collection of unique items I have found. Their name means one at a time® and describes how their artisans lovingly create each treasure. Taking things uno alla volta is at the core of their philosophy for living a meaningful life.


The bag I fell in love with is by Alessandra. She handcrafts each ”borsa verde” or green handbag, uno alla volta, at her workshop in Florence, Italy. Born into the leathercraft business, Alessandra has the highest standards for materials, artistry, and style.


My philosophy in my sixties will continue to invest in quality and enjoy it every day. You have earned it!


Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are indeed the best!

All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.
I no longer accept products in exchange for reviews. This bag was sent to me by Uno Alla Volta from a commitment made before enacting this policy.

  1. Dear Susan, I’m from the U.K. aged 70 years young, and love your Blogs.I think you look lovely and find you inspirational. I try to translate what you wear to suit me(although I’m a totally different shape , size, colouring). It’s helped me enormously.We’re off tomorrow on a month long cruise round the Pacific and Australia. Your ideas have helped me pack, so keep up the good work, I’m loving it
    Thankyou Linda Scriven.

  2. Susan i’ve just reread this article, great. You mention about inverted triangle and shapes for that, what about if you are short (5 2″) and more oblong. What would work trouser wise for that shape


  3. Your new website is great! I enjoy reading your posts each day. I find myself reflecting on your advice as I go shopping!

  4. Love your style, Susan & your way of sharing that, often, hard-found knowledge about what suits you. Have 60th.

    Kind regards

    Kitty (from Australia)

  5. We all love the long line high heels give our legs — indeed our whole silhouette. And you look wonderful in heels and flats. But bravo for you for moving into flats. When our feet are healthy, it makes a big impact on our entire body. Love the new blog/look.

  6. I love your new website…and I look forward to continue to follow you with your great suggestions. You have helped me in many ways…and I feel at 68 I am at my best. It also helps losing over 55 pounds too!!

    Hugs to you


  7. I so love this look on you. Strangely, I have almost the same jacket! I will wear it again this fall with my jeans and white boho blouse!

    Have a great day.

  8. I appreciate the way you have used white jackets and jeggings all year around. I think this was a big change in my thinking that you have inspired. In Utah when it snows I may not wear them, but I can expand to spring, summer, and fall when the weather is dry and warmer with pleasure.

  9. Susan, I would like to say I appreciate each and every post you have taken the time to share learning so much about fashion from you and look so forward to visiting some of the many places you have been. Just a little info about me I turned 52 Monday and have recently started shopping at Chios. I have spend about $5000,00 on a totally new wardrobe being that I about to retire from the U.S Navy after 30 very fulfilling years, I heaven,t worn anything much besides uniforms and sweats on the weekend. I am so looking forward to my retirement Sept 2017 and you have given me so many ideals, I constantly look to find the items I see you in, thanks for sharing your life with everyone, and I am so looking forward to the items you will be selling. In closing I forgot to mention another plus about viewing you website is we are the exact same height and weight, so in viewing you I get a chance/ideal to see how things would look on me.

    1. Thank you very much for your service to our country, Gail. I am honored that what I have shared has been helpful to you. I wish you happiness and fulfillment in the next chapter of your life.

  10. Love this blog! I’m 78 and still trying to keep it chic and age appropriate. Can’t do the heels anymore but have saved them just for the memories.

  11. I love how you look. I’m not in as good of shape as you but do wear my hair similarly. I had gotten quite lazy about my look after retirement and connecting with you made me realize what a frump I’d become. Thank you! And I’m sure my friends thank you too.

  12. I thought I saw a post from some time ago where you showed all the basics for a wardrobe….tops, pants, jackets, etc. If it was your post, is it possible to repost it or send me a link?

    Thanks so much for all your ideas and I am getting ready to buy the book on healthy living/diet you recommend with obvious long term success! (I guess I should have been listening to my older son and his girlfriend who always eat that way!!)

    Thanks so much!

    1. I have not done a post detailing all the pieces you will need because everyone is different. Your lifestyle might call for a much more dressed up capsule than someone who is retired for example. I do not limit myself to a certain number of items, but I do think, “Will this fit well with all the other elements in my wardrobe?” before purchasing something new.

  13. I love your style. I will 57 this year and still trying to find my style. I think I lost it when I started having children. I just went for Jean’s and a tshirt during that time. I miss not being current on fashion . But thank you for putting it out there that women can still age beautifully.

  14. I also love my scarves. I love to wear it after visiting my hairdresser. (Wash ans set)

    Regards from the Netherlands

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