A Summer Look

Summer dressing can be challenging if you are more comfortable not showing lots of skin. I have not worn shorts in twenty years, and knee-length dresses are never flattering for my shape. Lightweight pants and an openwork top can be a good lunch date look.

We parked in front of the air-conditioned restaurant, walked a few feet, and then sat down, so heels and jeans were doable on this day.

The jeans are here. This denim is very lightweight and soft.

A similar white openwork top is here. Mine is from White House Black Market last year.

The shoes are here. They are not recommended for long walks.

Similar bags here and here. If you fall in love with a high-end item that is out of your price range, you can often find a similar style.

The sunglasses are here. I’m not allergic to them! 🙂

The neighbors have lots of pretty flowers.

Thank you for your kind comments and emails. I have recovered from my ordeal with the eyeglasses frames.

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  1. Thank you for confirming that knee-length dresses are not universally flattering as so many folks claim! It does not work with my proportions either! I always have to figure out how to “dress up” pants for occasions that dresses are typically worn. I have a hair question…. my hair is same color and nearly the same length as yours. How do you manage to keep the front from falling in your face? Mine has some natural wave that I can easily smooth out when drying but cannot keep it from falling in my eyes. Shorter isn’t good either…. TYIA.

    1. In truth, my hair is always falling in my face unless I use lots of hairspray. Wearing my sunglasses on my head or wearing a hat are my preferred ways to keep it off my face when it is windy.

  2. Susan, Great looking outfit…Love the blouse, and have been looking for some lighter weight jeans…I don’t know about the sunglasses problem…Can you point me toward the discussion, please…Mary
    P.S. I have been having fun with all the fancy sleeves in lace and eyelet this summer…

  3. You just get better with age. Love your longer hair.
    And agree that shorts & knee length dresses just are not flattering. Of course I love the more expensive Chloe bag shown. Maybe if it ever goes on sale.
    Keep posting, look forward to seeing your recommendations.

  4. What a nice summer look! I agree not all look good in shorter skirts or shorts. We have to wear what we feel comfortable in.
    I do love your longer hair! Glad you’re doing better!!

  5. Thank you Alice for the hair question and appreciated Susan for telling us she has the same problem. I hate to go around with a goofy clip to hold mine back but after working so hard to get it the same length I’m not cutting it again at least for now. I thought it was just my hair, “cow licks” and natural waves!
    Can be very frustrating but I don’t like hair spray and plastering it down. Appreciate any and all tips.

  6. Hi Susan!
    Thanks for all the inspiration and education you provide in this very special blog of yours.
    I’m struggling to find lovely and comfortable shoes now. I have a short and wide foot – and it’s been challenging to find a style that is not stodgy or just … not that great.
    Would appreciate any advice in selecting style or color.

    1. Here is an example of a shoe that might work for you. Look for wider straps, low block heels and neutral colors with minimal hardware. Zappos also has a few other options in wide widths.

  7. You look great Susan. I love the blouse and the jeans. Is it really hot where you are right now? Down here in NZ it is currently under 2 degrees celcius as I type. I have the heater going!!

  8. Lovely outfit, Susan. Looks very fresh and pretty. I noted your comment about not having worn shorts for years. I put myself in that category until this year taking three trips to places with hot climates. Whilst visiting the Gold Coast in Queensland, Honolulu and just a few weeks ago, Bali, I broke out the shorts. I was amazed at how much cooler and more comfortable I felt than when wearing my usual hot weather ankle jeans and pants. I think I may be a convert!

  9. Hi! New to your lovely blog. Beautiful outfit! I also stopped wearing above knee short and skirts. My favorites are pedal pushers, cropped, and capri length for summer pants. I also like “midi” length dresses/skirts. Thank you for having such a wonderful blog!

  10. So beautiful. I believe I liked that blouse last year, and so wished I bought it! Cool and crisp!

  11. “Summer dressing can be challenging if you are more comfortable not showing lots of skin”. This is my attitude for sure! And I live in SW Florida where the temps are in the 90s, high humidity, heat index above 100. I find myself gravitating toward dresses, but as you mentioned the knee length is not for me! Thanks for your blog, I always look forward to it.

  12. I appreciate your posts and advice for casual but stylish summertime outfits. I live yearround at a beach community which lends itself to more realzed styles but I do want to look put together and polished and you help me with that!

    Thank you!

  13. So glad you have recovered from your eyeglass allergy ordeal. You look elegant as usual.

  14. I’m 71, and I weigh more than I ever have. I just don’t feel comfortable in a lot of things…especially in the Texas heat! I love your style, and I feel the same way about shorts that you do. Thank you for all the tips!

  15. This post is perfect timing. I’m having lunch on Friday with two of my travel friends, and this gives me an idea of what to wear. I wish the temps here were in the 80’s. I live in Alabama, and we are dealing with the upper 90’s and high humidity. Looking forward to fall! Glad that your allergic reaction has resolved

  16. Susan,
    Instead of shorts, I wear skorts and an occasional jean skirt at the knee or a few inches above the knee. Skorts are usually the latter. I like my legs but my knees are a bit “knobby”. Knee surgery scars are covered with a light self-tan. So comfortable for hot and humid days.

    WHBM jeans are the only brand that fit me without gapping in the waist and hips. I didn’t know of that brand until you mentioned them in an old post. I have followed your blog for some time now.

    You look wonderful as always.

    1. I am careful with my clothes as I wear them and rarely put them in the dryer for more than a few minutes. After wearing something for only a few hours, I hang it on a rail to air out for a couple of days. Sending things through the laundry too often ages the pieces quickly, so I only wash a garment when it needs to be cleaned.

  17. I wonder if you ever look at the Appleseeds catalog? I bought my mother an eyelet tunic that they’re selling right now (it reminds me a bit of your blouse) and I was really impressed with the styling and the cuff detail. One of the things I like about Appleseeds is their inclusive sizing—Petites to Plus and everything in between. I’m still giving advice to friends that I get from”my new best friend Susan”. Thought of you as I packed for a couple days of watercolor painting at the Coastal Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Absolutely wonderful to get away and do what you love.

    1. There are blue shopping links within each text to share where I bought something, or if it is not new, I share something similar. Click on the word here, and you should see a new page showing you where to buy the item.

  18. Susan, do you consider scarves and necklaces outdated at this time? Do you think it will be a long time before they will be back in style again. What determines the decision to wear either. Anything other than cooler temperatures for scarves??

    1. I don’t consider scarves or necklaces outdated and still wear them when they add something to the look. While I may wear scarves less often in summer, I wear necklaces all year round. However, when I wear larger earrings, it is best to let them stand alone.

  19. Susan you always look fabulous …. Clothes just right! Your hair looks good too! Do you blow dry your hair or use rollers? Any tips gratefully received x

  20. You look so nice! I have not worn shorts in many years. I definitely would not feel comfortable wearing them. I only wear jeans & blouses similar to yours. It is very hot in Texas. I love your hair, too!

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