A Stroll Through Town

We spent the past weekend exploring downtown Waynesville, North Carolina, and then took a long drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway along a section we had not yet explored.



This is the front of the Chef’s Table, where we had a delicious dinner the previous evening.



The Patio is on the same street. Perhaps we can have lunch there on our next visit. I loved their courtyard and patio with trailing vines and brick walls.


This store had a unique artistic front door.


The town has many art installations to admire and galleries where the fine work of artisans was offered for sale.



After taking in a lot of the downtown scene, we drove for a few hours on the Blue Ridge Parkway to make our way into the Biltmore Village, where we shopped and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Bistro on the Biltmore Estate.




I wore the white Fabrizio Gianni pants, a white tank top from Stein Mart by Peck & Peck, and the long black duster cardigan from White House|Black Market during the afternoon. The suede heels are by Jessica Simpson via Dillard’s.


The scarf is my favorite because it complements every jacket I own. My friend Celeste bought these scarves for her store while she was on a buying trip to Paris. (This woman is extremely talented on so many levels!) The scarf is silk, and it was made in Italy.

Since I was in my twenties, I have always loved to wear a scarf. In these pictures, I showed you some of the simple, easy ways I wear them. If the tie becomes too fussy or complicated, I give up. I like the classic, effortless looks as if to say, “I have always worn this, and I just threw it on today.” You may have noticed that I don’t care what is in style. I wear what I feel comfortable in and what suits my shape. When I travel, I take a micro version of my wardrobe. I may include a black top, a white top, maybe a gray or blue top, a pair of jeans, a pair of white pants, a pair of black pants and a couple of jackets or a cardigan. Scarves take up no room in your luggage but can do so much to pull your look together as well as keep you warm.

All words and styling are my own. I no longer accept items in exchange for a review.
  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences and style! This post inspired me to try more scarves. I’m a reddish-brown headed 60 year old and black and white brings shadows and lowers the brightness of my face and hair. So I’m trying to learn the right colors for me. I thought beiges and greens were right but learned they just wash me out too. So I’m going for more intense colors but nothing that screams. Haven’t got the formula figured out yet, because intense colors can also cut a body into sections. I like the idea of using scarves to give me more flexibility so I can add some basic pieces like black (well,maybe not true black) and white or navy and gray, but use scarves to punch up the vibe. The scarf selection in stores seems pretty limited. If anyone has leads on great quality scarf online retailers, please share. Thanks!

    1. I googled “chiffon scarves” a year ago, bought one (I usually bought in person), and it is just great. It even came with a pouch made out of the same material as the scarf. The color of the scarf is green, and it is the same green as what they showed on the website. Chiffon scarves tie and lay as well as silk scarves and actually have the advantage of having more body than silk. I have numerous chiffon scarves. $10-$20 apiece, purchased on line and in person.

  2. Great look! Love it all especially the sunglasses – can you tell me a little more about the glasses Thanks Susan

  3. Susan, I lost you for a bit as I usually follow you on bloglovin and missed the transition to susanafter60. You were the first style blog I started following about 2 years ago and you remain one of my favorites. I have trouble with my feet and knees and so have difficulty wearing heels and appreciate you posting more outfits with flats and smaller heels. Your timeless, easy, comfortable style with a focus on proportion, accessories and neutral outfit bases work for me although I am a very different body type, tall. I enjoy your travel posts and look forward to seeing the Biltmore Estate after retirement. In this post I loved the doors and wall sculpture. I also enjoy seeing you style jjill and Chico clothes as I wear them often and they both carry talks. Keep up the good work.

  4. I hold on to my scarves like they are crown jewels. Two of them are 40 years old! They just don’t date, do they? And like you, my clothes tend to be without pattern and are perked up with patterned scarves. It works.
    Love those mountains, BTW, must make a visit one day when I can face up to the flight (have got quite precious about long flights as I’ve got older unfortunately; has that happened to any one else, I wonder, or is it just me?).

  5. Hi, Susan.
    I know you have probably mentioned somewhere before how tall you are, but could you remind me?
    I love the duster, however, when I try one on it seems to dwarf my 5’2″ frame.
    Love all the travel shares along with your style.

  6. I too wear what I feel comfortable in and what suits/complements my shape. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating….your blog has made a big difference in my life even though I’m 16 years past 60. I think I’m at my best where I am right now. Thanks for all you do. XO

  7. I’m so jealous you got to go to the Biltmore! We visited there this Spring and just LOVED it. The drive in the mountains there is just simply spectacular. I always enjoy reading about your travels. Now, if I could just get the fashion part right……

  8. Love this post…you have such beautiful scenery to explore. A wonderful scarf always feel so luxurious. Love the picture of you and Mr Mickey and saved it to my It’s Never Too Late to Live Happily After board.

  9. We were at the Biltmore Inn last night and enjoyed visiting the estate yesterday. We drove along the parkway all day today and loved the Great Oky Mountains so different from the Rockt Mountains where I live in Utah. i have been reminded of your southern grace and refinement as we have travelled near you homeland.

  10. You always look beautiful and Mickey is one handsome fellow. I appreciate you sharing your travels and wardrobe ideas. I have learned so much from following you on Facebook and Pinterest.

  11. I have been reading your blog for over a year and look forward to your posts. I love your style and think your new site is great. I was particularly interested to hear about your drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway as we have just returned to the UK after two weeks in the US where we drove many sections of that road. What an amazing experience it was. Mid week we almost had the road to ourselves and it wasn’t over busy at the weekend. The views were just stunning, a really beautiful part of the world.

    We didn’t get to the Biltmore Estste but I had great service from Talbots in Biltmore Village where I stocked up on some Petite items that I can no lnger get in the UK since Talbots closed their London stores.

  12. Absolutely stunning! So elegant, so fun, beautiful, yet looks so comfortable! Would LOVE to have your catalog, please!

    1. Hi Glenda! There is no catalog. I am just a blogger sharing what I wear, and I always tell you where the items were purchased if I can remember. Very soon, I will have a shopping cart here on the site where you will be able to buy carefully curated collections that I have chosen for you as well as gently used (sometimes never worn) items from my own wardrobe at a fraction of the price I paid for it.

    1. They may not have them on the site. It is a small boutique. They only have some of their items on the website. I have three shipments of similar scarves on the way and will be offering them for sale on my site in a few more days. We are working on the shopping cart feature now.

  13. I love your blog, I just found it a few weeks ago. You make me think twice before I leave to go somewhere on what I am wearing. I was wondering if you could tell me where to find sunglasses like the ones on this page? I love them. I am 61 years old and from NE Ms and I’m a big fan. Thank you.

  14. I was surprised to see you mix metals! Silver earrings,watch,and ring but gold on purse and glasses. Is this something you do all the time.?
    You have inspired me to down-size my closet, thanks for ALL the good ideas. Enjoy your post.

  15. Love your look and the duster looks good on you. You & Mr. Mickey look great together. The scenery is gorgeous.

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