2017 Favorites Part III

This week, I am sharing the items that hit the style and comfort sweet spot for many of us. Let’s talk about the third piece today. A jacket, vest, cardigan, scarf, a statement necklace or an eye-catching handbag are all examples of third pieces that can pull a look together.

The looks I am resharing today are some of the most comfortable outfits I wore during the past year; they are also the looks in which I felt most appropriately dressed at whatever function I attended. I do not want to be over or under dressed because either situation can make you feel self-conscious. Classic simplicity always works well for me.

On all but the very hottest days of the year, I wear a slim fitting (not tight) long sleeve tee or tank top with belted jeans or some other type of trousers as shown above. From this foundation, I can create any look I want with accessories or a third piece of clothing. The first pieces need to be very simple and slim fitting in the colder months because I will add a jacket or cardigan. I do not want the first layer to have any bulk at all. A sleek fitting Covered Perfectly top is the perfect first layer above and below.

Adding a long black cardigan and a scarf pulled this very casual combo together. Adding smooth, simple leather short boots and a similar bag kept things streamed lined and in harmony. This scarf is from my shop here. All the other items are basics which you could find in most stores at any price point. That’s a Covered Perfectly top in white.

When the weather heats up, but we are doing something special, I want to take it up a notch but remain comfortable. This combo was perfect for going out to dinner on one of our summer weekend getaways. The open lace sleeve tunic can be worn with the pants in the same fabric and a French Kande necklace in a more dressed up look or with more casual pieces such as faded jeans and flat sandals. These basic crepe pieces pack well so they are the perfect items to take on a trip. The top and pants are from my shop here. The French Kande necklace is this one here.

In summer I often wear loose fitting tops that flow across or stand away from my body. The tissue light Portofino shirts from Express are the perfect stand-alone top for me in hot weather. Cute sandals and a black woven bag in a simple style are the finishing touches that make this look appropriate but very comfortable for having lunch with friends or just running errands around town on a summer day.

Very plain tops and bottoms that fit well and look good on your body shape in colors that flatter your skin tone are golden in every wardrobe. Having these pieces in your collection means that you can easily add a couple of accessories that relate and you will look great with very little effort. The scarf above is from my shop here. I sold the handbag and the Clara Sunwoo top and pants in the Shop My Closet section here earlier this year. The texture of the bag mimics the designs and colors of the scarf.

The side by side photos above show you precisely what I mean by wearing the colors and styles of clothing that flatter your body shape and coloring. Either look is OK, but the look on the right is more correct for me in both color and style. These looks also show examples of using a statement handbag to bring your look to the next level. Most of these items were sold on my site during the past year.

I hope that my blog posts and tips help you to discover combinations that serve you well. Full Disclosure: Some of the links above will generate a small commission for me if you make a purchase from that site.

Susan Street

Blogger for SusanAfter60.com

  1. Susan, I love your blog, even though my shape and coloring are different from yours. Can you tell me what basic colors suit someone whose hair and skin tones are more golden and for whom black and white colors look drab? I want a neutral column under my jackets like you wear, but black makes the dark circles under my eyes worse and white makes me look sallow. Thanks and happy new year!

    1. Brown, olive, russet, or any dark color that has a golden undertone will look best on you. If you have a scarf that includes all the colors you like to wear, take it with you when you are shopping to help you judge whether the new item you are considering will blend well with what you already own.

  2. I really like the side-by-side feature that you used. The one on the left pulls you down (too much floppiness and who hasn’t done that?). The one on the right fits much better and is flatting.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog posts and your fashion tips and ideas. Thanks for adding wardrobe ideas that don’t look like “grandmotherly” outfits. Your look is classy, and youthful without being tacky.

  4. Love your style! I can’t wear black around my face (I’m a summer color), so I struggle with the single color column in the winter. Wish you would do a scarf tutorial. I have a small bustline and rounded back, so I tend to look like I’ve got a weight around my neck when I wear a scarf or like a granny. I have a ton of the pashmina type, but no idea how to effectively wear them–if at all. I’m 5’6″, 135 lbs., and 66 years old.
    Thanks for the blog!

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