True Red

Do you find that lip color changes after a few hours? A lipstick that appears red as can be in the tube becomes more of a plum color when applied to my blue-pink lips. When I wear a red top, I always search for the red that matches the tone most closely. One of the best true red lipsticks I have found is Beautycounter Red here. I should have reached for that one to wear with this top.

The straw bag is here on my shopping site. I bought the I.N.C. Kivah sandals from Macy’s last year. The sunglasses are by Balmain.

My friends at My Fair Lady supplied the Lior Paris “Lize” straight leg pants and the top. The pants are here. The 100% cotton red Focus top is here. I am wearing a size medium. When you shop at My Fair Lady this month, use the coupon code Summer18 to get 15% off your total purchase.

Next week, I will share examples of how to wear the same tank dress in five different ways. I hope you have a happy and restful weekend.

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  1. I find your simple, elegant style always refreshing! Thanks for making me style this morning. You look lovely, radiating happiness, as usual.

  2. I always love a red lipstick. But only lately since I’ve been blogging. I think before that I thought it was too obvious and showed my scar on my lip too much.
    And I am like my mom where I try to coordinate my lipstick with my outfit…at least to a degree!! I haven’t tried the blue lipsticks yet….LOL!!
    Thanks for always being so inspiring, Susan!!

  3. This is a really pretty, but casual, look. It is perfect from the lovely top to the perfect shoes & bag. By the way, the top looks better on you than on the model. I check your blog almost every morning for a quick pick-me-up. Thanks!!

  4. That top is absolutely stunning. The buttons really stand out in a classy way. Love learning from your blog.
    Thanks so much.

  5. Just want to thank you for the superb service and quality of my first purchase from your store. As my budget and wardrobe permit I will be ordering from you in the future. Thank you for your research and dedication to those of us who need guidance and direction.

  6. Oh you brought back a long lost memory. My mom’s favorite lipstick color in the fifty’s and sixtys was True Red. I believe it was by Max Factor but it’s been fifty years ago that I would take my saved allowance to the drug store and the clerk would pull out a drawer from behind the counter to choose from. What fun to take a gift home to my mom that she would put on every afternoon just before my dad arrived home from work. Thanks for the memory.

  7. I look terrible in a true red…I have warm undertones….I usually shy away from red clothing…but I love it on others.

  8. I too find true or warmer reds turn pinker on me: must have alkaline lips? Then I just bought a Karen Murrell lipstick and oh joy it didn’t change colour and also stayed on. It is a New Zealand brand but probably available online. Best part….it’s all natural ingredients.

  9. Love love love red. Always have. It’s such a powerful color. It is beautiful with the white pants. Thank you for continuing to inspire and lighten us!

  10. Susan
    Thank you for your blog. You are so generous with your knowledge and experience and experiments!
    Also sharing your outings with Mr. Mickey.
    May you also have a pleasant restful weekend.

  11. Susan,, have you noticed that the colors you gravitate towards and look good on you have changed as you’ve aged or is it just me??

    1. I try not to wear black near my face during the daytime now. Blue-red and royal blue are still my favorites, but I am finding myself wearing lower values of those instead of the full on colors. I will share a blog post about this soon.

  12. Susan, I love these shoes with your outfit. They take your legs all the way to your beautifully polished red toes. As always, you look fabulous in this red!

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