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Someone recently asked me, “Why would you open a shopping site at sixty when you have so much going on in your life already?”

Last summer, I visited no less than twenty stores in three different cities and countless sites online, searching for a large square scarf. I found just one such scarf. (Pictured above.) It was more than $250. I saw some online that were $1,100! If I was having this much trouble finding reasonably priced, elegant scarves, then other women are likely having the same difficulty. This long search was my inspiration point.

My personal style has always included basics with a scarf, a statement piece of jewelry worn with a dramatic tunic or a great jacket or coat. Simplicity serves me well.

Supporting women-owned businesses is a priority for me. I wear mostly products made in the USA by small companies. Some of my favorites are Clara Sunwoo, IC Collection, Covered Perfectly and the basics I offer on my shopping site. I have searched the world for the products, including the scarves and clothing I offer. My basics clothing line is designed and made in Florida by a single, over 50 woman who solely owns and operates her company. I have purchased all of my inventory with no financial backing from investors. Did you know that I was homeless in 1999? More about that when you attend my events (reserve your space at the next one here). The fact that I struggled alone and worked very hard for many years makes my small shopping site a labor of love and a project for which I have great passion.

The scarves and all the other products are here in my little warehouse (spare room in my attic). I carefully steam and wrap each scarf order myself to make sure they are in top notch condition. I own many of these scarves (as shown above) and love wearing them. (Another shipment of the most popular sold out scarves is on the way.) Some of the items are from my own closet because I am letting go of the items I rarely wear. (Some of them never!) As I progress in this venture, I will be adding more items and lines. I listen to your suggestions and honor your requests when possible. My shop here, is one I hope you will think of as a trusted source for items that you can use in your everyday life and wear with confidence.

  1. I already had admiration for you but now knowing you were homeless not so long ago makes me more than proud of your accomplishments.

    You are a source of inspiration for me.

    May I suggest that in the future, if you can, having a line for “petite” women would be a great idea. I’m 5ft tall and I’m sure it would help a lot of the petite women.

    Take care.

  2. It was always my dream to open a dress boutique with wonderful high quality clothes. I just never had the resources to do so. Congratulations on your online version of my dream. I love coming to this site (actually am disappointed on the days you don’t post), and have begun incorporating many of your tips and suggestions into my own wardrobe selections. BTW, I love the red double breasted jacket you wore in an above photo as well as other times. Where is it from?

  3. I am 58 and I have learned so much from you! I was wondering if you would ever consider making your workshop available to those of us who can’t travel? For a fee, maybe you could record your talk and then make it available to those who purchased. We could also give you our coloring info in the registration so we could receive a scarf, too! Just a thought!!

    1. I would also lend my voice to this suggestion. I live in Canada and although we would love to see you visit here at one point, I know we may have to wait a bit… Perhaps webinars for a fee would allow some of us who are unable to attend in person to join in! As an aside, when I joined your group, I knew I liked your style but there was something else that drew me in that I could not quite understand. After this post, I know what it is. I love your style, yes, but moreover I respect your motivation. Thank you, Susan.

      1. I also live in Canada but I would love to see a webinar happen. Whenever I feel discouraged I come back to your blog and I feel renewed with more determination to live my 60’s on my own terms and not in the shadow of my daughters! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  4. Thank you for my lovely purse. I just love the and I know it will work well. I haven’t used it as yet. Helen Soares.

  5. Susan- I commend you for going after your dream and making it a reality!
    I love coming to visit your site and wish I was closer to attend one of your workshops.
    Have a great day

  6. Hi Susan. I would echo Susan Petet’s idea. I live in Washington state and am unlikely to make it to one of your events. Love your blog and all the wonderful ideas you share with us. You have made a big difference in how I shop and dress. Definitely feeling more stylish and confident. Thank you so much!

  7. Susan,
    I recently ordered a silver silk scarf from you and I love it! First, it arrived very quickly and I could tell you had packaged it with love and care. Your attention to detail is what is making your shop online so successful and I will be ordering more items in the future. Oh, and I love your style! You always look awesome! I have gotten so many compliments on the scarf. Keep doing what you’re doing- there are many of us out here that are so happy we found your blog! Many blessings!

  8. Thank you for telling us more of your story. By the way, we talk with great enthusiasm amongst ourselves about your style and clothes.

  9. Hi Susan
    I’ve been following you for a few years and I would love to attend one of your events but I live in Edinburgh, Scotland in the UK so would find it difficult. I am the same age as you and love your style and your attitude towards your health and life in general. Which brings me to the question, how did you manage to turn your life around after being homeless? I really admire that you managed to do that.

    Your blog inspires me to look after myself and to make the most of life at this age so I hope you continue with it for a long time to come.


  10. I felt over the hill, frumpy, and not too well put together because I was, well, ‘old’ – by our culture’s standards. Then I found your blog and it opened up a whole new way of thinking for me.

    I’ve learned so much from you and thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

    I will be stopping by your shop to buy a scarf or two, first because they look beautiful and second, because I’d like to support you for all you’ve done for us older women who are largely ignored by the youth-obsessed fashion industry.
    You’ve shown us that elegance is ageless.

  11. Just to add to my UK co-commenter — I live in here Cardiff, Wales and I am trying to think how I can get to one of your events to attend! You are very inspirational and provide us real women with practical tips and tricks that are affordable, useable, possible, doable. I really appreciate all the time and effort, Susan.

  12. Your such an inspiration Susan and now knowing the struggles you’ve endured with being homeless your even more of an inspiration ! Id love to hear the rest of your story, however Im to far away to attend your seminar. I would absolutley love to come to one of your seminar/workshops. Maybe one day you’ll have one down this way. I look forward to your blog each day. Thank you for showing us ‘mature’ ladies that we can still be as stylish as ever. Have a lovely day !

  13. I love what you are doing Susan, especially appreciate the time you put into helping those of us who are time poor, not wealthy, do not enjoy going from store to store looking for something that will suit us or due to poor health cannot do shopping easily.

    Your style appeals to me and your advice is always welcome. Congratulations on what you have achieved since 1999, quite amazing. I found myself in a similar position in 1992 and was able to achieve a lot in the following years. I am now retired, due to poor health, but own my own home, have no debt and am able to travel as I want and choose now to only purchase what I love.

    So many inspiring and clever women who against difficult odds have made wonderful lives for themselves, families and find time to help others.
    From Australia but travelling in Canada at the moment.

  14. Love the reason for your business. Wish I could make it to one of your events but not able to. Some day I hope to hear your story.

    Keep up what you are doing because you do it well.

  15. I would love to see your clothes in another neutral besides black. I’m one of your followers that can’t wear black and I’m sure other colors would be very popular. Thanks for listening.

  16. More power to you, Susan! I love the way you are supporting women in so many areas, like sourcing your clothing line from a woman and giving us all ideas to build our confidence and style. Thank you from Aus.

  17. Great outfits! I love the one with the duster but they are all so lovely! I love all your tips and ideas for fashion and have used many! Peace! Cheryl

  18. I’d love to attend one of your events. I have a nephew and his wife who live in Johnson City…. guess I could visit them!

  19. I recently received my beautiful scarves….WOW!! I receive compliments every time I wear them. I love, love your site Thank you Susan!

  20. Susan, I have turned into one of your biggest fans. Thank you for this amazing blog. I have learned so much, re-evaluated my wardrobe and made some necessary changes. I use to add the latest trends without much success I knew what worked for me but felt too predictable. I now stick with classic choices and add some flare with my shoes, jewelry or scarfs. Oh yes, those scarves. The one I order is stunning and I will be ordering several more in a few weeks. I’m tall, 5’9” so larger or longer scarves would be great to see in your shop.
    I have watched your YouTube presentations but would love a pay per view of the Johnson City event. Based on the comments, it would be popular. Thank you for the investment of your time and talent into the 60 plus crowd.

    1. Click on the shop link above. Then go to the shop site. There is a tab at the top for Sign In – Register. Create an account on the left side of the page so that I know how to reach you if there is a problem and I will know where to send your product. You can browse using the search block or by clicking on the tabs at the top. You can pay by any charge card or by PayPal. (I get authorization from my PayPal account for all charge transactions.)

  21. I wholeheartedly agree that an online purchase of your talk would be welcome! You are so interesting and inspiring and I’m astounded you were homeless so recently. You embody everything hardworking, positive and BRAVE! Tell us more and let us buy the presentation online if you can!

  22. Thanks so much for your inspiration with your clothing line, how to wear them and other clothes and how to eat better! I have 50 pounds to loose and being hypothyroid and not eating as healthy as I should hasn’t helped! I am 58 and your site is really helping me! Thanks so much for sharing! Also “thank you for your service in the US Navy! My dad retired from the Navy and my three brothers were also in the Navy!

  23. Hello Susan. I have, just today, discovered your site. So glad I did! I am so intrigued by your story & I wish that I lived closer to Tennessee so I could attend your event. I live in Canada but luckily I can still be inspired by you & your style. Well done! I intend to keep up with your blog.

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