I've closed my shopping site for now.
I may offer items again in the future if I can find reliable suppliers.
Thank you for your patronage.
Susan Street

Mr. Mickey is my adventure partner in life. We have been dating for more than ten years. He is my photographer and my positive inspiration for living a full and elegant life. He usually plans our outings and wants to take pictures of everything we do to share with you. He is very proud of this project and enjoys sharing every date with you here on the blog. We love to meet you when we are out and about. Please always come up and tell us who you are if you happen to see us on one of our adventures. I am confident he will want to take your picture!


I love fashion but at sixty years old, I must use a different set of guidelines for putting together outfits than the gals featured in Vogue and on runways. Living in a small southern city and working within my clothing budget, I've learned to adapt current fashion to fit my lifestyle and social circle.

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it. The way we present ourselves is unspoken communication. I want my style to convey that I am a professional woman with an awareness of trends while remaining appropriate, approachable and engaging.