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  1. Susan, I’ve been following you since Fifty Not Frumpy and love and appreciate all you and Mr Mickey share I’ve been battling some sort of autoimmune problem for years and am about to have MRI of brain. I desperately want to learn to Eat To Live as you have. I’m married but husband doesn’t comply with his own diabetic diet and our adult daughter and grand baby are living with us. I’m retiring early on 4/30 at age 55 because I can’t tolerate working any longer. I was diagnosed in 1999 Fibromyalgia and now possibly MS. I want to focus on my health at retirement to hopefully get stronger and able to return to part time work. I’m wondering if you would post more/ current how you “transformed”? You’re an inspiration especially because I don’t have very supportive people around. Thanks so much!

    1. Eat food as close to the way it grew in the ground as you possibly can. Do not ever eat fast food or packaged convenience foods or snacks. Avoid beef, pork, and all processed meats. Eat beans, greens, grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruit in small quantities. Drink only filtered water. Walk and move around as much as you can during the day. Go to bed at the same time and rise at about the same time each day. (This is my lifestyle in a nutshell.) I hope you have success in your pursuit of better health. Best to you, Susan

  2. Susan, Thank you for being the bright spot in my email in box! You always offer usable information and beautiful photos. I appreciate your disclosure and judicial use of advertising in your blog. You are successfully maintaining your “brand” by doing so. Its disappointing when a blog turns into just one more piece of advertisement.
    I have a difficult shape (ie: short waisted, long legs and arms, and hips that are fuller immediately below the waist). So I need to camouflage the short torso and high hip issue when I dress myself. Never able to find an of the rack dress, never a belted waist. I dress in separates always. I’m 5′ 4″, 135 pounds and 68 yo. I would appreciate additional ideas for dressing my specific issues. Thank you Susan and Mr Mickey.

    1. I have the same short waist, high hip situation! I never fully tuck in a shirt. I also never show more than the bottom half of my behind. We might think the answer is to cover up with oversized or long clothes, but that always makes me look larger than I am. Now that I wear more low heeled shoes, I am still re-evaluating what I can and cannot wear.

  3. Susan, your website is great! I have shared it with friends and we all love it. I especially like when you show outfits and compare which is better, like the recent utility jacket. You are very informative, clear, and offer valuable tips for consideration – whether shopping or evaluating what to keep in my closet. Right now, I am debating about shrugs! What are your thoughts?

  4. Pushing 70 I dont wear old people clothes…looking for a style for the young at heart..always wore jeans an d tee shirts…help me

    1. I also wear jeans and a tee often. I pair the look with slingbacks or nude loafers and carry a structured bag. The accessories can elevate basics and make them appropriate for most occasions. The fit is essential. Look for jeans that fit without being too tight and tees with feminine details like a V-neckline. Stay away from faded or torn jeans and tees with logos or designs.

  5. I have been pinning your outfits for inspiration. You always look classy & well
    dressed. Thank you so much for showing
    such style.

  6. I have two questions. Can you suggest organic body was for very sensitive skin? How do you find restaurants that have such healthy, clean eating?

  7. Hi Sonia Rosario here, saw your pins on pinterest and I like what I see. You do a great job putting fashion things together and I’m looking forward to seeing more. At 55 I have a pretty good idea about fashion but I always appreciate more help and for that I say thank you.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. How tall are you Susan? I am only 5 feet 3 inches and I wonder if your clothes would look good for me.

    Thank you

  9. The series on tank dresses was great and so helpful for styling the dress to perfection. Thanks to you two for the big effort. Kate

  10. Hello Susan,

    Is there a shampoo that you like for grey hair? My hair is pretty much all white except the very low hair which is a bit darker. I bleached it the lightest color so I could see how much grey I have. I will just cut all my hair off in a few months. I am used to a very short pixie in the past so that will work the best for me. Any other ideas??

    Thank you,

    Joan Stone

    1. Hi Joan,
      I use a purple shampoo for blonde hair (Cool Blonde Shampoo Color Solutions by Ion) and mix it with my Beautycounter shampoo a couple of times a week. It tends to dry out my hair, so I don’t use it more often but, it does cut the yellowing.
      My face shape requires more length, but I would love to have a pixie cut. So easy!

  11. I love seeing you show brown colors. And warm accessories. I have similar brown core pieces or I would have added yours. Thanks for all the tips! I live in cold Michigan so am gearing up with down vests, etc.

  12. I’ve just turned 60. Your blog has given me so much hope, I have always cared about my appearance, but not ready to look like an old lady. You have shown me I can still be classy & attractive at this age. Just ordered my first pair of pants from your shop, can’t wait to get them! Keep inspiring all us women who still want to be beautiful! WISH Pinterest would only do your current post.

  13. Love your blog. Love your sense of style! You truly inspire me to dress my best! I look forward to finding your posts in my inbox ! (And) I can usually find pieces similar to what you wear already in my closet! #FreshIdeas

    You take ‘Ho hum style’ to ‘Wowza! We certainly do not need to sacrific style as we mature a bit! #BetterThanEver

  14. Thank you for your doable/wearable fashion ideas to use pieces we probably have in our wardrobe and what to look for in pieces we add that will get used in more ways than one.

  15. Several months ago you posted a recipe for your go-to lunch of rice & beans. I finally found some black rice that I would like to try. Now of course I can’t find the recipe. Can you help?

  16. What would you wear to a barn wedding? I am 67, normal weight, 5’ 6”. I am stumped. Love the way you dress.

    Thank you for whatever insight you can give me. Vickie

    1. I would wear something that makes me feel confident with comfortable wedge heeled shoes so that they don’t sink into the dirt. What time of day and what time of year is the wedding? Those answers will determine the type of clothing that will be appropriate.

  17. I like your style which is actually very similar to mine. We even have a similar hairstyle but at nearly 65 I am yet to give up being a blonde. I am not sure how tall you are but slim pants with looser shirts and tops are very flattering and disguise the thicker middle which most of us seem to end up with. I also have a biggish bust and find I need to up size to prevent the gape which is annoying. I have recently lost some weight ( about 8kg ) and this winter I have just about lived in a short bikey style fake leather tan jacket worn with slim pants and boots. I do find I end up with a favourite outfit and just about wear it to death even tboygh I have a reasonable sized wardrobe which is regularly culled. I normally wouldn’t have worn a short jacket but this one is quite flattering. I live in New Zealand so our seasons are apposing and I can’t purchase the same clothes but can certainly follow your style and suggestions. The only thing I am not keen on are the bootie style of shoe that you like. I mostly wear flats including boots. I am lucky to have slim ankles and calves and suit a variety of shoe styles but find heels are no longer comfortable if I wear them for any length of time.

  18. Dear Susan, you are georgeous! Best wishes and lovely greetings from nortern Germany. B (over 70…) Never bern where you are in all my life. Very sad.

  19. Hi Susan…my daughter is an employee at Chico’s. .She had an event and asked me to model. .Susan, I had a great time. I too brought alone my own footwear and wow..perfect for the two outfits she picked for me..The Leopard print SKIRT SOLD..I even assisted shoppers and contributed to four sales…I was invited to participate again..Susan, I think I will..Talking to the clients were so much fun..I too LOVE clothes..I would love to send u a picture of the clothing I modeled. .

  20. Susan, you are one of the fashion bloggers I consistently follow because you’re a tad over 60, like me, and don’t subscribe to every trendy fashion whim that comes gusting along. Your taste is similar to mine, and I often receive compliments on the way I dress because, like you, it’s age appropriate, stylish, a nod to a passing trend, if appropriate, & thoughtfully accessorized.
    I loved the vlog you did with Ellie! I wish you would consider doing more along those lines. Makeovers for “real” everyday women we see in ordinary life. Perhaps pulling existing items from their closet, showing ways they can be accessorized, worn in a new, fresh way, or even adding new pieces, which you could detail in links below, i,e., black pants from Nordstrom, jacket from Talbots, etc. So your readers could shop along! I’d also love a vlog, accenting different body types & what looks good on them, using real, everyday women 60 & over & making your wonderful suggestions.
    Jan Stevens, Cookeville, TN

  21. Just wanted to say thank you, Susan. I have followed several of your tips. It’s so nice to have someone helping us “over 60” gals. It’s difficult to be over 60 and not be frumpy–especially when today’s fashion caters to youth.

  22. Susan, thank you for sharing the pictures of you in the Navy, and for serving our Country. Just as beautiful today as you were then. Thank you for your suggestions – I have the crepe pants and tops in every color. Just sorry I can’t wear them in the winter in the Philadelphia area. I travel for work and they look great with jackets, scarves and ballet flats. I would like more ideas from you for clothes to wear to work in the winter in the Northeast.

  23. Susan, I normally do not write to blogs, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your articles and look forward to them each week. I am 10 years your senior but find the ideas you bring forth can be applied to myself. I had been looking for some time to find ideas on how to keep my appearance up to date. Most of the articles in magazines were not appropriate to my age level and I do like a ‘classic’ look with quality that can last for several years.

    Even though you are retiring from your business, I hope you will continue the blogs. I have enjoyed them and they are most helpful. I too have had to give up high heels, much to my sadness, and have been interested in seeing how you are dealing with the issue. As I age I have noticed that my figure is becoming more of a rectangle and my narrow waist is long gone. If you are ever able to deal with this issue it would be greatly appreciated. I have noticed among my friends that I am not alone in this issue.

    Thank you again

  24. Hi Susan,

    Will you be coming out to NorCal soon? I can host you and Mr. Mickey at our beach house.

    Very different weather, but Monterey might be similar in style.

  25. You have been such an inspiration over the last few years! I retired this year to sunny California from NY. Talk about wardrobe weeding! I refer back to your past posts to motivate and help me during the process. It will take me a year for sure as I experience the weather and lifestyle changes but using your advice I go to my closet before I head out to purchase anything new for an event. Thank you!

  26. Hi Susan, The closet tour is one of my favorites. I have been following your blog for a few years now, and I always enjoy your helpful thoughts and photos. While your colors and mine are totally different, I have learned to substitute and use what works best for me. Im 75 and love just being basic with a touch of pizzaz now and then. Im a traditional gal. I cant wait to start on my closet this morning, and use your great tips! We are never too old to enjoy and change our fashion.

  27. Could you please address the issue of pant length some time? I am 5 feet tall and bootcut styling is my favorite (because the line is continuous if shoes match) but I feel the look is dated. Searching through your posts, I find that you note ankle length pants are cooler in summer. Would you recommend ankle length in winter? Like you, only very small heels, for very infrequent and limited use, work. I almost always wear flats. My needs are primarily casual, With retirement, I seldom dress up. Thanks.

  28. Thank you for the post today. It was perfect as I have another event Tuesday night. It is seldom cold here but thanks to AC I can wear jackets or sweaters at night. Diane

  29. Wow I’ve just found your website through Pinterest. I am so pleased to see someone showing fashion for the older lady. My sister and I are both in our 50’s I’m am in my late 50’s and we find it so hard to look fashionable without looking like we are trying to be 20/30 years old, neither of us are model height or size and it is refreshing to see what you are doing, you are an inspiration and look so glamorous yet real.

  30. I in no way claim to be a *fashionista*, but am interested in improving the way I can put some basic, favorite pieces together in interesting ways.
    A friend shared your blog site with me and I truly enjoyed it ~ enough that I am subscribing. Susan, you are a beautiful woman and from your video and speaking, I sense a very sincere, delightful personality with a serious understanding and joy of all you have done & are doing.
    Thank You.

  31. Hi Susan,
    I so enjoy sharing in your creativity. You’re style is classy, sassy, tasteful and appropriate. You are teaching many of us how to appreciate ourselves and this wonderful era of our lives. I, as well, am blest with a ‘Mr. Mickey’ in my life–and you are right–the next 50 are the best ever if we honor, enjoy and appreciate every moment we have.
    Thank you for sharing your fun and uplifting life.

  32. Susan, I have heavy calves and have trouble finding pants and/or jeans that don’t cling and accentuate my lower legs. Do you have any suggestions for me?
    I so enjoy receiving your e mails and your comments on facebook.
    It seems that all of the clothing companies are only making skinned jeans, jogging S and leggings now.
    Lelah Castell

    1. My calves are almost thicker than my thighs, so I know what you mean. I look for a slight boot cut or straight leg jeans. My favorite companies are Liverpool Jeans Co. and Chico’s. J.Jill has great jeans too.

  33. I am interested in purchasing the under garments that you have spoken about on your website. How can I do that? I would need to know how to measure, prices, etc. Thanks.

  34. I love the black straight leg crepe pants for work. I am wondering if you can suggest or carry more colors for Spring.

    Than you for your anticipated response.


  35. Hi Susan, I just got done “binge watching” all your years of Fifty not Frumpy and Susan After 60 and I thoroughly enjoyed it! What an amazing life you’ve had and continue to have. I enjoyed your and Mr. Mickey’s travels the most, I think you should have a travel blog instead of fashion. The photos and descriptions of your visits have made me want to explore the areas so I’m taking notes! I know you’ve said you don’t wear heels much any more but I had a nagging question going through Fifty not Frumpy, how in the world did you keep your heels from getting ruined walking on all those sidewalks, cobblestones and dirt paths? I have a hard time not nicking up heels just wearing them for an evening!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I have always been extra careful with my bags and shoes. I watch where I am walking and polish all of my leather items a couple of times a year.

    1. My clothing line is being discontinued, but you can find what remains, as well as scarves and a few like new items from my own wardrobe here. I always include links to what I am wearing (or something similar) in the blog posts.

  36. Hi Susan, I recently had knee replacement surgery and stumbled onto your YouTube page. I have enjoyed your videos, and was wondering if your suggested styles work for all sizes? I currently wear a 16 and most of the straight legged jeans that look wonderful on you would be way to tight on my calf… Now with the surgery my wardrobe is a bit more limited to yoga pants and tees. Any suggestions for us bigger gals. I’m 52 and am just starting to build a nicer wardrobe.
    Thanks, Debra from Canada

    1. My concept of incorporating basic pieces in neutral colors would work for anyone of any size or age. I encourage people to learn what suits your shape and lifestyle to know which shape those basics should be. If you own a basic top, bottom and a third piece (jacket, cardigan, vest or duster) you can not only create outfits using just those pieces, you can substitute any of the items you already own to create outfits that are flattering to you in minutes.

  37. Hi, Susan,
    Loving your springtime fashion ideas.

    Just wanted to mention… for the second time, I am having difficulty ordering from Everlane. I have filled in all necessary information but cannot get to where I place the order.

    Thought you might mention this to them as others may not be so diligent as I.

    Happy blogging♥️

  38. I enjoy reading your email and utube videos. I am thrilled to finally find a site where the fashion advise is geared for older women. Your style advice is great. We can look chic and stylish plus building a wardrobe advice is fantastic. Thanks.

  39. Susan, If I remember correctly, you had done s video on what shoes to wear with different types of pants. I wanted to watch it again but now I cannot find it. Can you tell me where to find it or send me the link please? Thanks.

    1. I haven’t done a video yet, but I have mentioned it on numerous blog posts. I always try to keep the hemline at the most narrow part of my ankle when I am wearing straight leg or skinny pants. (A couple of inches above the ankle bone usually.) Flare leg crop pants should also end at the most narrow part of the leg. Longer flare leg pants should almost cover your shoes. The hemline of your pants should never bunch or puddle on the top of your shoes. It is more current to show the ankle bones, rather than wear your pants to the top of the foot as we did when we were younger.

  40. Hello Susan,

    Thank you for the different styles of the swimsuits for the shapes of your body. I can shop for my shape body.

    I am into eating healthy. What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

  41. I will be attending a spring fashion show in May. It will be held at a country club here in So Cal. My core wardrobe is similar to yours (minus any dresses and skirts) but the black and navy seem so dark for this event. I am curious what you would wear, using your existing clothes, and appreciate any suggestions if you have time. Thank you.

  42. I am sorry you have to close your shopping site. Even though I have only purchase 1 silk scarf and am about to buy another, I have so enjoyed seeing what you offer. Am I dreaming, or was there a video you made about how to wear your large 51″ scarves? If so, can you please direct me there.

    Thank you!

  43. Hi Ms. Susan can you please advise this old lady where to buy scarf, that’s not hundreds of dollars:) that’s just not possible for me not even in the wildest dreams. Thank you so much I’ enjoining EVERY video, story, pictures, I send you messages but because I’m technically challenged (nicely said) I have no idea where I send it to. First I saw when you start making jewelry with coin from Czech Republic and that got my attention because I’m from Prague. Thank you for sharing all your tips.

  44. Do you cruise on a major line? If you do, I would appreciate some hints for a 2 week cruise starting in San Diego and sailing to the Hawaiian Islands and back to San Diego in December.

  45. Hi Susan!
    I have recent discovered you, and have really been enjoying learning form your articles!
    I am a few years older than you, but I still want to dress well, being age appropriate.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing life,so others may strive to overcome obstacles and move on too!

  46. I need to vent some place. Why, oh why, did Express start putting pockets on their Portofino shirts? They’re a pain in the neck. I have to put a little Velcro on each pocket, or the pocket droops and causes a pucker. I’ve let Express know, but you have much more pull than I. Maybe we should all tell them. Their shirts were perfect, except now they’re not.

  47. Susan,
    I just found your videos on YouTube and love them. Do you have a video on a wardrobe capsule for a professional work environment? Love the small heels and sophisticated look. Very classy. I’m trying to build this style of wardrobe and need help. Appreciate you and look forward to watching many more videos.

  48. I like reading all of your blogs. I really like your style and seem to be quite similar in taste. Best of all I LOVE YOUR SHOES But I’m 66 now and have had surgery on both my feet. I can not wear heels any longer. I need advice on looking good in comfortable flats

  49. Susan, you have changed my life! Thank you for all your tried and true advice! I love your scarves and want to buy some.
    Thank you, sincerely!
    Rose Blake

  50. I just lost a bunch of weight. I am working on a capsule wardrobe and your u tube videos are very helpful. I just stumbled upon your u tube channel and subscribed. I am a 65 yr old foster mom to a severe needs kiddo. I still want to look nice when out and not a frump. Due to foot problems I can’t wear heels. Also when caring for my child not practical. Is there anyway to dress up an outfit without heels. I have wide feet as well as bunions . I want more of a minimal wardrobe with mix and match, dress up or down. My foot issues have always been an embarrassment. Is there hope ? I have very pretty silver/ white hair.

    1. Bring the emphasis to your hair and your face. Wear shoes that are comfortable and supportive in the tone that is close to the color of your pants in winter and your legs in summer when you might be wearing crops or skirts, and dresses.

  51. I am going to be eighty next month have not seen too many ideas for 80-year old I need some jeans but not sure which one I should go far can you help or give me a website for us older women not wanting to dress old.
    Need some new ideas.
    Macy Faciane

  52. Susan,
    I saw what you carry in your large purse but what about your clutches? How do you change from each purse so easily?
    Thank you,

  53. Ms Susan can I purchase any of the clothing you wear ? I just love everything , this has truly given me a larger spectrum to look at .. My closet is full of things I can’t/don’t want to wear. I’m 5’7″ 145lbs grey hair and 70yoa . I need help !! I would appreciate any guidance you can spare ! Thanks in advance, Linda Stephens

    1. Hi Linda, If you click on the blue words in my posts, you will be directed to the retailers that offer the same or similar items to what I am wearing in that post. I often wear things that are a few years old, so in those cases, I look for the items that are most similar to share with you.

  54. I found your blog today by accident and hope that it will be the inspiration I need to get my act together and do what I’ve needed to do for a few years now. Retired for 18 months, I’m still carrying around 70 extra pounds that are dragging me down, both mentally and physically. I’ve always loved nice clothes and getting dressed for work each day. Getting up with nowhere to go has led to days of no makeup and wearing some of the most depressing clothes you’ve ever seen.
    What do you wear every day? Do you put on your “full face”? Some days there doesn’t seem to be much point. I have more clothes than you can imagine from size 14 to 20 despite having cleared out a lot during our downsizing move in 2016. The one thing I am happy about is my hair after finding a new stylist a little over a year ago, but the rest of me is a disaster!
    I am so excited to find this site and hope that I can use your advice to help me maintain my commitment to both dieting and identifying a core wardrobe that is appropriate for retirement which includes both travel and being at home here at the lake.

    1. Welcome, Margo! I hope you enjoy what I share. My retirement wardrobe will include mostly classic basics that I can layer, interchange, and accessorize to achieve the look I want, without having to own a vast selection.

  55. Susan,
    I’m delighted I happened upon your blog site a couple weeks ago. I’ve gone back to your previous posts and am currently working my way through 2015. It’s been fun to see the areas around where you live — Asheville, etc. Such lovely countryside and special towns.

    I especially appreciated a posting of your summer core wardrobe in 2015. I dress similarly to you; primarily pants, solids on the top, with a cardigan. I basically wear black, cobalt blue, reds, grey. Since I quit coloring my hair (it’s close to yours in shade) I can’t wear orange, green, yellows. Much easier to stick with cool shades which look best on me and easy to coordinate together.

    Anyway, wondering if you have done an update summer core wardrobe plus winter for cooler temp weather. So very helpful.

    Many thanks for your involvement and suggestions for keeping us 60+ ladies looking as spiffy as possible.

    Ann Spencer

  56. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for all your wonderful fashion ideas. I have been getting your daily email and look forward each day to receiving them. Although I cannot afford the clothes you wear, the way you put them together gives me ideas and makes me feel more confident in the way I dress.

    I am looking for a suggestion on what to wear for an October wedding. I do not wear skirts or dresses, and have not worn heels for quite a few years. I am going to be 70 next month, have let my hair go to it’s now natural color, (gray) am 5 foot 5, weight is approximately 125.. I would love to have your suggestions for this occasion. I have trouble putting things together and that is why I look forward to your daily emails, and tips. I live in Wisconsin and the weather can be quite unpredictable in October.

    I look forward to hearing from you, Susan


  57. Hello Susan after 60 from Colette in Wigan U.K
    I just wanted to say that I love your style and I have started following you on Pinterest but have now found your website.
    I have just turned 59 a few weeks ago and think your ideas on dressing are great. Just been promoted at work to receptionist and am looking for style tips.
    I especially like your Stylista bra/camisole and will be purchasing one on Amazon shortly.
    So although I have a year to go before I hit the big 60 I will be pinching a few of your ideas! Thanks for the inspiration! Xx

  58. Hi Susan,
    I enjoy reading your posts on Susanafter60. You are teaching me so much about how to dress now that I am over 60. Do you still have scarves for sale. Please let me know.
    Thank You ,

  59. Hi Susan,
    I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog and your style!! I have been changing up look to be more sophisticated, using good solid colored clothing and mixing them with accessories such as bold jewelry and scarves. I have just added scarves lately so I have not bought any of yours. I am short and carry my weight in my upper body (read boobs) so I feel overwhelmed by too much scarf, but I have found some that are narrow and not as bulky and they can really class up an outfit as you have shown me! Over the years you have introduced me to soma, Clara Sun Woo and others. I have my eye on that leather jacket. Awesome and not too full of extra “stuff”!

  60. Hi Susan. I have been following your posts for a few weeks and I love your tips, outfits, and ideas. I have a difficult time with style because I am short 5’3″ my body type is somewhat similar to yours as I am narrow in the hips and wider torso. Thank you for being so true to your best self. It inspires me. I’m trying some of your tips and I’m loving the results so far.

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