Navy Has Arrived!

My neighbors probably think I am bonkers. We did the photo shoot in front of the garage because it’s all about finding the right light.

I promised to let you know when the navy blue basic crepe line arrived. It’s here!

This color is a dark rich, true navy that looks great on most complexions. At this time, I have the tank and the slim fitting ankle pants with the split. If you would like other of the items in navy, please let me know so that I can order them for you.

The rayon topper which is also on the site is shown above layered over the new navy basics.

Visit my shop to see all of the items I offer here.

  1. Susan, you look just so beautiful! Sometimes it’s a struggle to always put in an effort to look put together, but it’s so worth it!! Thank you for the inspiration and showing us we the wonderful results!! Have a lovely weekend!!

  2. A couple questions about the navy crepe pants:
    How do you think this fabric would travel? Thinking overnight flight to Italy.
    What is the size of the opening at the ankle of the medium slim pant?
    What is the size of the opening for the straight pant, medium? ( I know it isn’t offered in the navy but wanted to compare.)
    Because I tend to wear dresses, any plans for making the navy into a dress?
    Thank you .

    1. The crepe material travels beautifully. I always take my black pieces with me on trips. I can have any of the dresses or other items made in navy for you. Just let me know what you want and what size. The leg opening for the straight leg pants is 17 inches. The leg opening on the ankle slim is 12 inches.

  3. Beautiful! Most people think that black is the universally flattering neutral that works for all Color Codes but it’s really navy!! Love these pieces.

  4. Oh my gosh, that is beautiful on you. I have always loved navy no matter if it was popular or not. It’s just so classic. Looks great on most people, especially those of us with silver hair. Thanks for your wardrobe advice, some is for me and sometimes I might be a bit bolder than you but your thoughts are so relevant. Thanks and be blessed!

  5. I would love a string cover, and I wear a 2x. Is it possible to get you clothing in this size?
    Thank you

    1. The postage is based on the dollar amount of your order because I have no way of knowing what your actual order will weigh. When I know the exact cost of shipping, I will give you a refund. It will likely be only about $32 because the clothing isn’t heavy or bulky.

  6. Any chance of getting a few “Tall” options? I love your style, but at 5’10” I need a longer inseam.

  7. I’ve been resisting navy, since I’m all about black if I’m wearing a dark color, but this is a beautiful outfit, especially on you! What I’ve seen recently and think looks quite unattractive is women wearing black and navy together. Not a specifically designed dress or jacket in those two colors, but black pants/navy top or vice versa. What do you think of wearing those two colors together, Susan?

    1. Black and navy are tricky to wear together. You need to add something to pull the two together, such as a scarf or a jacket that include both navy and black which can make it seem more intentional rather than a choice made in a bad lighting.

  8. Received my navy pants and top today. I am 5’6 and 114 and the small pants fit great and the xsmall top fits but is tight under the arms. Not sure if it can be altered, a small top would be too large through the body.

    1. You are always welcome to return or exchange items that do not work for you. I liked that the tanks fit without being too large in the armholes. It is so difficult to get it right for every body type.

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