I Was Wrong!

I told you last year that Cali & York was going out of business. I was wrong! Cali & York is BACK and better than ever. I sincerely apologize for my goof. When I make a mistake, I always try to correct it.

Cali & York is once again a family run business, now owned by Jennifer and Brian Miller. The look above is from their new Manhatten Shine Collection. They have moved away from the corporate company model to focus on customers and provide timeless, flattering, comfortable, and high-quality clothing. The husband and wife team acquired the brand this year to bring it back to a smaller boutique line as it was initially intended to be. Jennifer Miller was the original designer and one of the founders of Cali and York. Her family is now working to keep Cali and York a boutique line of mid to high fashion items that fit and flatter our changing bodies.

If you have followed me over the past six-plus years, you know that I have shopped with Cali & York many times. The most often shared photos from my blog to Pinterest include white tops from Cali & York. (You can see all my Pinterest boards here.)

I was wearing a white shirt from Cali & York several years ago; it has been shared more than 44,400 times on Pinterest. The more recent photo below features another white shirt from Cali & York; it has been shared more than 26,600 times. You can see how my styling has softened and matured over the years. The magic happens when you find shirts that don’t gap over your middle and or bust. That is one of the things I like about Cali & York, the fabrics are more forgiving for us, and the sizing is more generous where we need it.

  1. I’m so glad they’re back! I kept checking in to see if they were up and running again. Thanks for the heads up. I love the white shirts you’re wearing, too. Maybe they’ll have something similar again!

  2. Thank you so very much for your post….you have encouraged me to stay stylish as I age…..when you’re petite and 75 and living on a set income it’s hard to dress classy…….THANKS to you I can buy a few nice basics pieces and build on them ….Love your style. Hugs

  3. Lovely looks but, as with so many, no petites (sigh). Maybe with time. A sales clerk with Talbot’s once told me that their petites were their most loyal customers. I guess other lines don’t find that to be true. I have to stick with those who do. Have a great day, Susan, and thanks for this information.

  4. No problem & thanks for the update, great news as I know how much you enjoyed their line. Yay! You look wonderful in both white tops, but the lacier look is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Susan, is there any chance of getting that beautiful white on white blouse you are wearing in the first picture. I believe it might be discontinued but could they possibly bring it back?

  6. I have the same gapping problem. I quit buying button up blouses because I couldn’t keep them buttoned. I wear a size M-L (size 10) and have a 39″ bust. Do you a blouse from Cali&York would solve my problem?

  7. Susan, you are showing two white shirts in this blog. I understand one is old and unavailable but when I go to Cali and York website and search for blouses they only show two and neither are white. I love both of the shirts you posted and I love both of your looks. Please don’t change!

  8. I have the same blouse problem as Marcia Rayne. I, too, am a petite 10 and haven’t worn a blouse in years.
    Hoping someday to own a white shirt without wearing a cami.
    Is there a specific Pinterest sight for your items?

  9. I was beyond excited to read this post as I have been searching for a classic white blouse! I am glad to hear they are a little more ample in the bust area as I have expensive white blouses and they gap. I tried looking for the more recent blouse and could not find so reading other comments I ask you to let them know there are people interested in that style. I like the little seam towards the waist area. Thank you for this post.

  10. Love both of your looks but the first picture is my favourite. I have this top myself and wear it often (weather permitting!) and love it. Hope they come back with great choices.

  11. I was lucky enough to find the tunic in my size and on sale thanks to this post. It arrived today and I just love it. I’ve bought numerous white tunics this year from other retailers such as JJill and Madewell, and this one surpassed them all in fit and quality. Thanks for a very timely post.

  12. Is there a new name for Cali and York, I love some of the tops I have and would love to order duplicates if they still make them.

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